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The sterling silver has bee crowned to be the whitest type amongst all other precious metals. It has been praised for its excellent lustrous quality and application versatility. Originally, silver is the softest metal but when it was altered together with other metals, it became harder than gold and thus emerged “sterling silver.” Despite this, it is still considered to be one of the most flexible and resilient metal. Its supple ability made it easier to be shaped in different forms. Also, its property to fight off bacteria growth is one of the reasons why it is commonly used in utensils.


Being silver is very flexible, people way back were able to forge many kinds of silverware and that includes the tableware that we commonly use for eating, like spoons, forks, and knives. However, sterling silver knives and other cutlery have become expensive that is why silver-plated and stainless steel utensils emerged. The use of new technology in production has put sterling silver flatware in a luxurious spot in the antique market.


Knives are the earliest form of tools ever made. Early men sharpened bones and stones as a major tool for hunting, for eating, and they also used it as a weapon. During the primitive days, these knives were accessorized with carved designs, jewels, and feathers. Being like this, knives were also the very first tool introduced in the dining table. The overly sharped versions of knives sooner evolved into handled blades. The very first knives forged only meant for eating were made in Sheffield, England in the early 1200s. During that year, knives were made out of gold or silver that was often embellished with precious stones in the handles.


In addition, knives were also criticized with strict rules regarding how and when to use it on the table. Since knives’ blades were first used for weaponry and other lethal reasons and most of them have pointed edges, carrying knives became illegal in 1669 after King Louis XIV’s declaration. In 1637, this law was continued and modified by Cardinal Richelieu stating that guests should not use their hunting knives at the dinner table. This resulted in all the knives at the dining table should not be sharpened. This gave birth to the dinner knives or sterling silver knives.


Knives hold great importance in dining since it could help you cut properly your food. Aside from this dining essentiality, sterling silver knives have a great value in the antique market. Now, before getting to know the money you get for it, let’s have a quick look at the different knives that were first used by economically advantaged people in older times.


  1. Table Knife. The best one to cut your food to make it look pleasing at the table. The very first type of dull knife crafted and used in the dining place.
  2. Butter Knife. Bread has been a part of almost every meal for many years. Adding butter even makes it more appetizing, but the tendency of destroying the bread while doing so. Butter knives were created to able to spread butter smoothly on the bread without breaking it.
  3. Steak Knife. The most common type that you will see in stores. The main purpose of this knife is to cut through tough meat which gives a more fine dining experience. It may come in different sizes in a set but it always served it purpose in the table.
  4. Dessert Knife. Now, who says sweets cannot be eaten with knives. It may not be that popular in modern dining and many people don’t own this little dude, but they are very useful. People are used to using spoon or fork when eating cakes and other pastries, but no perfection would be achieved like how a dessert knife does. They come in many styles and refined forging.


For the years that have passed and with all the silverware production, many variations emerged that marks the process that it went through. The standard blade size is called “modern blade” which is the most common style. It has a smooth edge and no notch. “French blade” is another style that became popular for about 40 years. The design has a groove by the edge of the handle that meets the blade. 


Just like all other silverware, sterling silver knives do not beg to differ. They carry a great deal of sentimental and historical value. Especially when silver knives and sterling silver knives were the first types of silverware to ever hit the food processing and ingestion. Before deciding to whether keep your sterling silver knives collection or to sell them, you have to make sure that they do hold value.


A number of silver buyers will just melt the knives for its silver value, however, there are a few collectors who would really appreciate the true value of a collection. Let us unravel what other valuable assets a sterling silver knife has aside from its silver content. Its intricate designs make it far more valuable which adds up to how beautiful it is already. The money worth the sterling silver knife gets affected by factors such as its age, quality, craftsmanship, preservation, and many more. Although a lot of old sterling silver knives could be found these days, the rare ones are those that are way past the 18th century but not too close to primitive days. They hold a special historical value and meaning to civilization.


Once you spot a great knife, you must know the basics to scale its market price. First thing is to spot the mark for authenticity. Sterling silver knives have marks on them like “925”, “ster”, or “sterling”, but the common one is the “925” mark which represents that it contains 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper alloy. Next is to know its weight. Nowadays, most sterling silverware – not just knives, are being weighed and being valued per gram or ounce. The heavier the knife is, the better return you could get. Lastly is its historical markings. It is very important to know where the knife was made and what historical stories are attached to it. The appraisals would be a lot higher and its antiquity could greatly influence its price.

In the end, it is better that after all the research and estimates, you would get professional help for identifying its value. Few sellers would just sell their silverware without knowing the true amount it possesses and a lot of buyers would take advantage of that. Always think about your options before selling.