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Palladium is another precious metal that is widely collected by investors worldwide. Investing in precious metals has been a way to diversify their portfolio, and with Palladium, most of them are reaping the rewards. 

About 40% of the world’s palladium is mined in Russia and South Africa, making them the largest producers of the precious metal. In the U.S, this precious metal can only be found in one location: the Stillwater Mine in Montana. The rarity of this precious metal contributed to the exponential increase in its trading price. 

Palladium is widely used in catalytic converters, but they are also used in jewelry making as an alternative to platinum when forging white gold.

Investing in Palladium Bullion Rounds

Most investors trade Palladium via bullion coins and bars, with the American Palladium Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Chinese Panda among the widely circulated. Palladium bullion rounds allow collectors and investors to choose from a myriad of designs. 

American Palladium Eagle

The U.S. Mint first released the American Palladium Eagle in 2017 as $25 face value coins that contained 0.9995, one-ounce palladium, which featured the work of Adolph A. Weinman. 

Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf

The Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf is Canada’s official Palladium bullion coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2005. It contains 0.9995 purity of 1 troy ounce of palladium. This Palladium bullion round has a face value of 50 Canadian dollars, which is way lower than the actual coin’s market price. 

Chinese Palladium Panda

Another worthy investment is the Chinese Palladium Panda bullion that features a panda with a bamboo. It contains one troy ounce of 0.999 fine palladium and serves as a sovereign coin guaranteed by the People’s Bank of China. The 1989 Chinese Palladium Panda has a mintage of 1,000 coins, making it highly coveted among investors.