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Selling jewelry through Nevada Coin Mart is a fast and secure process. You can drop by one of our purchasing offices to meet with a certified gemologist for a free evaluation. Visit us anytime to get an estimate of your item, and for more information, visit our Platinum Jewelry Buyer Group website.

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ID Or Passport

We offer platinum ring selling services in Las Vegas, NV, and prioritize your satisfaction by ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your items. Just bring your valid state-issued ID or US passport to get started.

Value Of Platinum

Platinum is both one of the most expensive and rarest precious metals available. Even a small quantity of platinum scrap holds significant value, and we provide the best platinum prices in Las Vegas, comparable to those of gold and silver.

If you have inherited a large amount of jewelry, you will be relieved to find that we sell pieces to trusted appraisers and venues.

Platinum Men’s Wedding Bands

We typically only see platinum wedding bands for men because gold is much more desirable for women. Because of this the majority or rings that we see made of platinum are brought in by males. Bought a few women are also interested in platinum rings as well (it’s just very rare).

Many pawnshops look at platinum jewelry combined with gold and silver. But of course, they also accept pure platinum ones. However, not all pawnshops can give you the best prices for a platinum wedding band. You ought to bring your business to a specialty buyer instead.

Manufacturers have been using platinum for high-end jewelry since the early 19th century and still continue to favor it even today. However, they can use it much less these days not because of its characteristics but more because of its scarcity.

History Of Platinum Jewelry

Platinum was not recognized as a money metal until the 1980s, but it is as popular with jewelry as it is with prospective grooms. It was the Spanish conquistadors that brought platinum to Europe. They couldn’t figure out how to work with it until the 19th century because of its chemical properties. However, when they finally did, they immediately used it in jewelry-making.

It is also one of the strongest precious metals used in jewelry, and there is no more robust precious metal used for jewelry than platinum. There is a strong correlation between the weight of platinum and its use in fine jewelry. Weight is one of the most vital selling points of platinum because it gives weight to precious jewelry, which people naturally equate with value.

Platinum Across the World

The ancient Egyptians (1200 – 700 BC) used it as a decorative object in small quantities combined with gold. It was used in nose rings, earrings, and masks as well as in jewelry and other decorative items such as jewelry, jewelry, and jewelry.

Although the isolated use of platinum is well documented, it seems to have eluded general use for thousands of years. The properties with which platinum has been challenging to process for centuries have made it attractive for industrial use. One of the properties that make platinum an ideal metal for jewelry making is its delayed debut as an industrial metal in the late 19th century.

For example, in Berlin in 1784, platinum was used for the production of jars. In the 19th century, it was used for the production of long-lasting laboratory instruments. However, tens of thousands of ounces of platinum were consumed every day for these purposes.

Platinum in the 19th Century

As new industrial uses for platinum were discovered, platinum began to impress jewelers and goldsmiths with its untarnished beauty and strength. The company was at the height of its elegance and sophistication, and during this time, advances in metalworking finally enabled the production of jewelry, which is still extremely popular today.

Because of platinum’s strength, its use enabled jewelers to create more complicated and detailed pieces, and these advances have greatly facilitated the dating of jewelry. When an item is made with platinum, there can be no doubt that it was made in the early 20th century or later. It was a common practice for jewelers to match platinum pieces with gold to make the data even more accurate.

Humans have used platinum since the time of ancient Egyptians. Its covetousness has overcome many obstacles, such as its high price and lack of its use in jewelry. But our understanding of this beautiful metal did not reach us until centuries later.

Here you will find the history of platinum and its use in jewelry as well as its history as a precious metal. Platinum ranks 78th among the most common metals, which explains why it is so expensive.

At that time, platinum was highly valued for its ability to manufacture military equipment and detonate charges in small, early firearms. When the war ended, jewelers relied on platinum as a substitute for gold, silver, and other precious metals such as copper.


Platinum, one of the strongest metals in the world, is hypoallergenic, tarnished – resistant, and extremely durable. Diamonds fused with the timeless elegance of platinum created a rare and enduring symbol of love. Some of the best jewelers in history used the Art Deco movement, resulting in some of the most recognizable pieces in history. Oftentimes, these would be engagement rings as well as diamond wedding rings.

After World War II, the U.S. Govt. banned the use of platinum in non-military applications, including jewelry, for military purposes. While spark plugs and related technologies have been utilized since the mid-1900s, they were not developed until 1974 when air quality regulations were introduced in the United States.