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Palladium Jewelry 101

Palladium is much rarer than gold and remains a better deal, but market prices are still pushing up the price of gold. For those who need white gold to keep their color, palladium rings develop an attractive patina and retain their color over a more extended period than if they had to maintain rhodium coating to keep their colors. With a purity that causes hypoallergenic wear and tarnishes, buying a gold ring with a high-quality, non-tarnishing, low-maintenance finish is a perfect choice.

Palladium is lighter than platinum and as heavy as gold, which means that palladium rings on the finger feel relatively light. Palladium contains nickel, which means that, unlike other metals commonly used in engagement rings and wedding rings, it can trigger allergic skin reactions. Like any metal used as an engagement ring or wedding ring, palladium has several significant drawbacks.


Before 2004, palladium was mainly used in jewelry for the production of white gold. When platinum was considered a strategic resource during World War II, many jewelry ribbons were made of palladium. In jewelry, before 1939, palladium was used in an alloy called white gold, where the naturally white color of palladium did not require a rhodium coating.

In early 2004, as gold and platinum prices soared, China began producing palladium jewelry and consumed 37 tons in 2005. Palladium was used as an alternative to platinum in the production of white gold and is used in the production of gold and silver jewelry as well as in some high-quality jewelry.
It is much lighter than platinum and, similar to gold, can be formed to 100% thin and produce white gold. Alloys of palladium with gold are more expensive than nickel and gold, but rarely cause allergic reactions and are much less toxic to the human body.

Palladium is rarer than gold and platinum and is mainly found in Russia and South Africa, but availability is increasing, which is excellent. It is gratifying that famous jewelry designers use palladium instead of platinum, which needs to happen before the general public entirely accepts this relatively new precious metal. Now, most major shops and gold dealers have Cookson gold in stock by default and offer a wide range of high-quality gold, silver, platinum, copper, silver coins, and precious metals such as platinum.

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Of the four precious metals, palladium is less well known, but it is valued for its monetary utility as a store of wealth and as a hedge against inflation.
If you have palladium in the form of ingots or jewelry, you might want to consider unloading it while prices are still high. According to the report, in a PGM Market Outlook Report written exclusively for Monex, CPM Group analysts believe palladium will continue to perform well in 2016 and 2017. The palladium market forecast predicts that the spot price for palladium will peak in 2016 and rise from there.

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Our qualified team of precious metal experts is at your side in all matters relating to palladium ingots. It is important to remember that each precious metal’s price can fluctuate, meaning that there are other metals commonly used in wedding bands. One metal becomes a cheaper—more practical option than the other, but don’t forget to deal with precious metal scammers.

Purity of Palladium Jewelry

Like platinum, palladium belongs to the platinum group of metals and has a similar quality to platinum. The best choice between palladium and platinum is the highest quality and lowest production costs for each precious metal.
Although palladium sounds like a discovery in jewelry making, it has been used for centuries to produce exquisite jewelry. Palladium is mined only in a few places globally and has become a popular alternative to other alloy metals. Like platinum, palladium is used as an alloy with 95% purity and 950% similar to gold.