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History of Gold Wedding Bands

Historically speaking, before gold bands or rings were traditionally associated with and used in wedding ceremonies, they had been used for other purposes such as personal talismans (believed to attract good luck and to ward off evil) and status symbols (wealth and importance in a given society). 

Ancient Egyptians

6000-year-old relics like papyrus scrolls tell us that ancient Egyptians had been the first to wear wedding rings before they became customary in western civilizations like ancient Greece and Rome although it was believed that Greeks were the first to link bands to marriage.

In ancient Egypt, wedding bands had been initially made of woven reeds, bits of hemp, or leather before they were traditionally forged of gold or another precious metal. Regarding their shape, the circle is considered to represent eternal love and life; thus, these bands serve to signify the love shared by lovers or spouses that transcends time. 

Moreover, wedding bands used to be worn by ancient Egyptians on their left ring fingers because they were believed to enclose a special vein or nerve connected to the heart, but there is no scientific evidence to support such a claim.

Historical Styles

For over six millennia, there have been various styles of wedding rings:

  • A fede ring is popular in Europe for many centuries and known to have two hands clasped together;
  • A lovers head is a result of wedding rings in Europe becoming more personalized and has the carved faces of the newly weds.
  • A posy ring is a style popular in the Renaissance era in which a poesy or a short poem or verse is inscribed; and
  • A gimmel ring consists of two interlocking rings separately worn by the groom and the bride after their engagement and reunited in the wedding ceremony to be subsequently worn only by the wife

Modern Traditions

The modern tradition of exchanging wedding bands was derived from the customs of Europeans in the Middle Ages, specifically, those who were part of Christendom, and prior to wearing these bands, it is common to exchange plain engagement rings first.

Although as early as the Nordic times, men and women exchanged wedding rings, in the US and Canada, only wives wore wedding bands before the 20th century.

Styles of Gold Wedding Bands

Various styles of gold wedding bands are created by mixing a certain amount of gold karats with different ratios of alloys like copper, silver, palladium, platinum, and nickel while the color of the amount of alloys. Listed below are the most common:

  • An 18KT gold wedding band is composed of 75% pure gold and 25% alloys.
    • If that 25% is all palladium, then the wedding band is white gold.
    • If 21% of alloys is copper and the remaining 4% is silver and palladium, then the wedding band is rose gold.
    • If 16% of the alloys is silver and the remaining 6% is copper, then the wedding band is yellow gold.
  • A 14KT gold wedding band is composed of 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% alloys.
    • If 41.5% of alloys is copper plus a little silver, then the wedding band is rose gold.
    • If 31.2% is copper, 6.3% is zinc, and 4% is silver, then the wedding band is yellow gold.
  • A 10KT gold wedding band is composed of 41.6% pure gold and 58.4% alloys, and just like the two previous styles, A 10KT band’s color depends on the alloys’ ratios.

It can also be noticed that 22KT and 24KT gold wedding bands are far less common because of their being less durable.

Summarized below are the pros and cons of gold wedding bands based on the karat level and color.



  • Has the highest level of karat
  • Is typically used in higher-end jewelry
  • Is made for someone who doesn’t engage in too many abrasive activities with his/her hands
  • Wears out slightly faster than 14KT and 10KT
  • Is the more expensive
  • Has the better amount of tarnishing resistance than 18KT
  • Is the most affordable
  • Is generally harder than 14KT
  • Has the pinkest rose gold
  • Is the least pure in terms of karat level
  • Will tarnish more quickly in hidden and recessed areas than 18KT and 14KT
  • The 10KT yellow gold is slightly paler than the 14KT one.


Top Gold Wedding Band Manufacturers

According to Larson Jewelers, the following are the top manufacturers of gold wedding bands in the US:

  • Triton Rings is a New York-based division of Frederick Goldman, Inc. that specializes in alternative metal wedding bands for today’s modern man and is most well-known for its patented formula TC850 tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands available only at well-respected jewelry stores across the country.
  • ArtCarved Rings is a sister division of Triton Rings that has been an innovative pioneer in the wedding band industry since 1850. It is often credited with making wedding bands comfortable, carving designs in such bands, and popularizing the notion that both men and women should wear wedding bands to show the world their love during World War II.
  • Benchmark Rings is the brainchild of its founder, Tom Tosyali, who developed an interest in gemstones and jewelry while growing up. In addition to the high-quality jewelry products his company creates, it is one of the few that offers a no fee lifetime warranty on all their solid style wedding bands (those without stone settings)–meaning, whatever happens to the ring, whether it is a minor scratch or something catastrophic like a ring broken in half, will be taken care of.
  • Novell Design Studio has been in the industry for over a score and has remained consistent in meeting the demands of its customers based on styles in different metals, widths, finishes, and whatnot because it lives by the philosophy that no customer should ever have to settle for just what is on the shelf.
  • Guertin Brothers is another pioneer in the wedding band industry that also creates anniversary, engagement, design, and Mother rings forged of a variety of metals. Through Nordt Extruded Metal™, their bridal products are made softer yet durable.
  • Sossi Collection is an Los Angeles-based division of Jewels by Jack that appeals to Los Angeles people, specifically, Hollywood celebrities like Nadia Bjorlin and Janet Jackson. Apart from that, it specializes in 14kt yellow, rose, and white gold, produces luxurious custom styles, and pays special attention to gender matters in rings such that men’s rings are made bigger and bolder to be noticed while women’s are inspired by the latest trends.
  • Edward Mirell is an innovative American designer of jewelry pieces that specializes in contemporary metals like titanium, black titanium, anodized titanium, and argentium silver and that uses mokume gane techniques to make titanium called Timoku line. In addition, it does have an excellent lifetime warranty policy covering size exchanges and manufacturer’s defects for a small fee.
  • Scott Kay is known for their extremely resilient cobalt rings that are hypoallergenic–thus, perfect for those with nickel allergy. Not only are Scott Kay rings durable, but they also come with a lifetime spa service while the cobalt rings come with a free lifetime resizing policy.