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A silver round is a privately-made bullion consisting of 99.95 silver and comes in many different sizes, weights, and designs. Silver rounds start as molten silver poured into an ingot and rolled into a strip that measures five inches wide. It is then cooled and rimmed, then minted.

Many silver rounds are produced a some of the most respected private minting companies in the United States and around the world. The most influential minting companies manufacturing them are Engelhard, APMEX, Disney, Silvertowne.

Silver rounds are not referred to as “coins” because coins are made by government mints and that is why they are legal tender and have face value. Rounds, on the other hand, do not possess any currency other than its metal value. They do not carry denominations like dollars or cents.

Because rounds are made by private minting companies, these unique coins can be acquired for smaller premiums over metal value when compared to coins. Possessing silver rounds is just another great way to collect or invest in silver. Today, rounds appear to offer a lot of value to its current price.

The most popular designs for silver rounds today in the market include the Morgan, the Silver Buffalo, the Walking Liberty, the Saint-Gaudens, and the Screaming American Eagle.  

Rounds can be a great alternative to coins because they offer lower premiums since they do not possess any currency value. The metal value in weight is what makes a silver round such a good investment.

Where to Sell

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