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Popular in many countries since ancient times, commemorative coins have been minted by various nations as a means of honoring members of royalty, various statesmen and as a means of providing a record of significant historical events. In the modern era of commemorative coinage in the United States, gold commemoratives began being issued in 1984 and have continued to be issued as a part of commemorative coin sets to the present day. Even though these gold commemoratives are issued with a denomination, and may be considered legal tender, unlike their ancient commemorative counterparts they are not intended for general circulation.

During the classical period of commemoratives in the United States, coin releases were a means of raising money in support of the events for which the commemorative was originally created. Gold coins of what is now referred to as the Modern Commemorative period are issued at a price that includes a surcharge with the profits going directly to the government and are generally used to help pay for the creation of new museums, the maintenance of monuments, the preservation of historical sites and the support of various Olympic programs and more. Modern gold commemoratives have usually been released in five dollar and ten dollar denominations in order to make them still somewhat affordable given the continuing increases in the price of gold. The coins are usually issued in both uncirculated and proof styles. To date, there have been over thirty-five different varieties of gold commemoratives produced.


Beginning in 1984, to commemorate the Los Angeles Olympic games, gold commemoratives were and continue to be minted in the Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco and West Point Mints. The Olympic gold coin release marked the first time a gold coin had been minted in the United States in over fifty years and was also the first coin ever to bear the “W” mintmark for he West Point Mint. . The Olympic coin’s obverse has a male and female runner holding the Olympic torch with the number of the Olympiad designated in Roman numerals beneath them. The reverse of the coin has a heraldic eagle that is patterned after the one that appears on the Great Seal of the United States. The weight, size and fineness are the same as for previous ten dollar coins minted prior to 1933. The gold content makes up 90% with the remaining 10% being copper. Values for both circulated and proof examples do not generally exceed the value of the gold content of the coin.

The Statue of Liberty bicentennial gold commemorative was issued in 1986 along with both silver and clad versions. This gold piece was the first of this denomination to be minted in over fifty years. Standards for weight and size are the same as for previous half eagle gold coins with a composition of 90% gold and 10% copper. The gold coin’s obverse displays a close-up view of the Statue of Liberty’s face with the date and the word, “Liberty”, inscribed along the edge of the coin. All coins were minted at the West Point Mint and bear the W mintmark to the right of Liberty’s chin. An eagle in flight is presented on the reverse with the denomination beneath the eagle at the bottom of the coin.

Throughout the Modern era of commemoratives, gold commemorative coins continue to be released that acknowledge anniversary milestones from various events relating to presidents, generals and other individuals of interest, sports, armed forces, unique locations and the anniversaries of significant American events. Most modern commemorative gold coins are not particularly rare although their mintages are generally far less than the quantities minted for clad or silver versions. Examples of modern gold commemoratives that are not in exceptional condition may only be valued for their gold content alone, based on the current spot price of the metal.

Because there are so many varied opinions on the condition (or grade) of a coin, it is generally recommended to have the coin assessed by a third party grading company. Such coins have been authenticated, graded and encapsulated by expert coin grading companies to minimize any doubt as to their authenticity, quality and value and therefore their potential worth. Coins that are not authenticated may still be valued more if they are accompanied by their original Mint packaging and included certificates of authenticity.

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